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Britec Solutions featured in Plastics News article May 19, 2020-

Britec Solutions featured in Plastics News article May 19, 2020- "Tyler, Texas-based Britec Solutions Inc. introduces a new liquid carrier system for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion applications. The technology, called Qd2- Liquid Carrier System, improves particle distribution in the polymer, which eliminates hard settling of pigments and processing concerns, such as screw slippage. . ."

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Be proactive in your purging program

Britec Solutions featured in Plastics Technology Magazine April 2020 edition-  

Be proactive in your purging program

True, it can be tough to take a machine out of production, but a purging maintenance program should be thought of as a direct line to cost savings.

Plastics processors realize that purging is a necessary evil and that every moment of downtime translates into lost profits. This raises the obvious question of “how to be proactive” in eliminating black specks, carbon buildup and degraded resin, and minimizing the need to stop production. Understandably, it is difficult to convince any processor to break into a production run to perform a purge cycle. However, controlling the issues is the ultimate goal and requires a program that is proactive rather than defensive.    Read the full article. . . . .

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To ensure we’re providing comprehensive, sustainable solutions, Britec contracted our electricity service with Green Mountain Energy®, a Texas supplier of renewable sources that helps decrease pollutant production, greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint. The world runs on power, and we need to think ahead to have a future that’s sustainable for our planet and our changing climate. By choosing clean power, we're making a green difference for our environment and helping ensure a more eco-conscious energy market.

Since 1997, Green Mountain Energy customers have avoided

 96,689,923,925 pounds of CO2. That's like planting 11,514,469 new trees.