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The Dual Drive Dosing platform from MIDEXX™ for Continuous Gravimetric Dosing of Liquid Color and Additives.

The new Dual Drive Dosing Platform powered by MIDEXX™ is equipped with two liquid color pumps and designed for continuous gravimetric dosing and dispensing of liquid color and additives.

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Latest in Liquid Carrier Technology (LCT) from Britec

Qd²- Liquid Carrier System

Britec Solutions Inc. introduced new Liquid Vehicle Technology (LVT) that provides multiple attributes in Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion applications. The Qd²- Liquid Carrier System was developed to provide improved particle distribution in the polymer that support higher pigment loadings- reducing use rates; deliver superior suspension properties to eliminate hard settling of pigments; remove processing concerns such as screw slippage; and promote cost savings.

Testing and case studies have established that when used in Polypropylene the Qd²- Liquid Carrier System creates nucleation, resulting in cycle time reduction. 

While conducting production profiles a Customer in Texas, molding polypropylene closures yielded a 5%- cycle time reduction and 12% overall cost savings contributed to a reduction in the use rate. Injection molded polyethylene 5-gallon pail and lid manufacturer in Ohio, compared the Britec’s Qd²- Liquid Carrier System against their existing pellet color concentrate on a Blue and White. Production has realized a 5-Second reduction in cycle time, reduced part warpage and quicker color change with colors formulated with the Qd²- Liquid Carrier System.

An injection molding customer in North Carolina, was not only able to reduce their let down ratio from 1.65% to .8%, they also achieved improved color dispersion and improved physical properties. This was achieved using BSI-105-1L, an 82% Ti02 White loaded Liquid Color using the Qd²- Liquid Carrier System.

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