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BriteFlo™ Liquid Color Systems provide Technology where it is required.

Carrier Technology

We do not follow the pack- Britec is the leader in Liquid Carrier Technology (LCT). Developing carrier systems that provide many attributes, such as polymer compatibility, process enhancements, and cost effectiveness.   

Proprietary Processes

Every liquid product that we manufacture begins with a Single Pigment Dispersion (SPD) that is processed through our proprietary milling system. This process provides maximum pigment strength,  superior suspension properties, and product consistency.

Superior Support

We continuously develop existing and new customer relationships with superior technical support.
Communication, Commitment, Compliance and a passion for creating new technologies, as well innovating existing products is at our very core.

Advantages of Liquid Color over Conventional Color Concentrates

Lower Overall Color Costs

Improved Color Dispersion

No Heat History

Reduce Energy Costs

BriteFlo™ Liquid Color Systems are the most advanced Color and Additives solutions in the plastics industry. 

Benefits of Using BriteFlo™ Liquid Systems

  • Precise and Efficient Metering
  • Highly Pigmented Formulations Reduce Usage Rates
  • Reduce Inventory Space
  • Quick and Easy Color Changes
  • Lower Color Costs
  • Improved Processing/Reduced Cycle Times

BriteFlo™ Products and Features

  • Custom Color Matching that Support our Speed-to-Market Philosophy
  • Special Effect Colors designed to Promote and Impact Shelf Appeal for Any Product
  • Multi-Functional Products that are Formulated Combining Additives and Color
  • Single Pigment Dispersions (SPD's) Produced to Maximize Pigment Loadings and Dispersion Quality
  • PET Toners for Aesthetic and Processing Benefits of Recycling, Manufacturing and Processing PET

Precision Dosing Equipment

BriteFlo™ Liquid Color Systems exclusively use MIDEXX Liquid Dosing Systems simple because they are the best in the industry. The manufacturer of MIDEXX- Micro Interface Design is a Technology Partner of Britec and we work closely to create a successful solution for our customers.

  • Gravimetric Dosing Systems
  • Volumetric Dosing Systems
  • Systems for Managing Traceability

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