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Britec Solutions introduces BriteGems™ Color Concentrates

up to 30%
Higher Pigment Loading 

as much as 65%
Faster Dispersion 

up to 30%
​Color Cost Reduction

Proprietary Process

BriteGems™ are produced utilizing a proprietary process that allows for up to 30% higher pigment loadings than conventional color concentrates. This process does not subject the pigments and other components to previous heat profiles like that of traditional concentrates produced on extruders- making BriteGems™ more heat stable. 

Non-Polymer Carrier

The performance attributes of BriteGems™ are contributed to our proprietary bio-based carrier system. Because the carrier system does not contain a polymer resin- BriteGems™ can be designed for use in almost any resin system- including sustainable resins.

Higher Pigment Loadings Result in Lower LDR's

With higher pigment loadings that conventional color concentrates- BriteGems™ offer some of the lowest let down ratios (LDR's) in the plastics color industry. Combined with superior distribution of the pigments- this promotes overall color cost savings that can reach up to 30%.

Lower Process Demand

Rapid color development in the process is created by the low heat requirements of the carrier- creating opportunity to reduce the demand on process equipment. The proprietary carrier for BriteGems™ can be processed at lower heat profiles than polymer-based concentrates , which results in less cooling time, less back pressure and shear demand, and reduced cycle times.

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