BTec Performance and Process Additives for Plastics

BTec Performance and Processing Additives enhance the performance, improve efficiency, reduce manufacturing downtime and create cost savings. Our additive products are available in a variety of forms- pellet, liquid, dust-free powder- and include the following technologies:

Antistatic ♦ Clarifying ♦ De-Nesting ♦ Anti-fog ♦ Anti-Scratch/Mar ♦ Slip/Lubricant ♦ Fragrance ♦ Laser Marking

                   Deluster/Matting ♦ UV Stabilizers  Antioxidants  Processing Aids  Antimicrobial

                                                                                                                     IV Enhancers and Toners for PET

                                                                                            Products specifically designed for all Thermoplastic Processing:

                                                                                  Injection Molding  Blow Molding Extrusion- Profile, Film and Sheet, Recycling

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BTec™ PET Toners

BTec™ PET Toners

BTec™ PET Toners are concentrated liquid dispersions that are specifically designed for use in PET  resins, specifically recycling of PET. Formulated with the highest quality organic anthraquinone dyes that have excellent heat and acid stability, BTec™ PET Toners deliver precise control of the a* and b* values providing the maximum L* color values at extremely low dosage levels.

Utilizing our proprietary milling process, BTec™ PET Toners deliver a superior dispersion free of particles that clog screen packs, cause streaking or create settling issues. The liquid carrier system imparts many inherent attributes that enhance both the PET resin and the process such as heat stabilization and chain extenders. 


        ♦ Precise color control

        ♦ Haze free

        ♦ Enhance processing efficiencies

         Benefits                                                                                   Processes                                                          

        ♦ Low use rates                                                                        Recycling
        ♦ Cost effective                                                                         ♦ Film and Sheet Extrusion
        ♦ Improves resin aesthetics                                                       Compounding  
        Typical Properties

         Physical State:                Liquid

         Dye Chemistry:               Anthraquinone

         Weight per Gallon:          9.3/lbs.

         Solubility in Water:         100%


    Regulatory:            BTec™ PET Toners are EU and FDA Food Contact Compliant

     Packaging:            5 Gallon Pails; 30 Gallon Drums; Totes

     Minimum Order:   45/lbs. (5 Gallons)

     Lead Times:          1 to 5 Business Days