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Britec Solutions Inc. is a pioneer in the Plastics Industry with decades of experience in Liquid Color, Color and Additive Compounding. Both as a consulting firm- developing carrier and Liquid Color Systems for some of the leaders in the industry , and as a manufacturer- Britec has a proven history and passion for Color, Additives and Plastics.

Britec Solutions Inc. was founded in 2005 by Brian Cochran- with over 30 years of experience in the Plastics Industry as an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Sales Executive and Laboratory Professional. He is a Technical Designer/Developer specializing in milling equipment for pigment particle size reduction and distribution, a Plastics Engineer with extensive experience in technical formulation of pigment carrier systems, plastic additives and color technology. Brian is the Team Leader of Britec Solutions Inc. and has developed many resources in his career that support the Britec structure.

What does Britec Solutions Inc. do for our customers?

Our primary goal is to make certain that our customers are performing at their highest level when it comes to Colorants and Additives for Plastics. Introducing our customer to Resources, Products and Technologies that elevate their business. Raw materials such as Colorants, Additives, Resins and Compounds play a critical role in the cost and efficiency in the Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion and the Rotational Molding processes- Britec Solutions Inc. bridges the Resource Gap with competitive pricing, outstanding service and innovative products.

Britec Solutions Inc.