Britec Solutions featured in Plastics News article May 19, 2020- "Tyler, Texas-based Britec Solutions Inc. introduced a new liquid carrier system for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion applications. The technology, called the Qd2- Liquid Carrier System, improves particle distribution in the polymer, which eliminates hard settling of pigments and processing concerns, such as screw slippage..."

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Britec Liquid Systems™ are advanced liquid colorant and additive systems for the plastics industry utilizing proprietary carriers and manufacturing processes. Formulated for use in many major thermoplastic resins, Britec Liquid Systems™ deliver many benefits to the injection molding, extrusion and blow molding processes.

Custom Color Matching ♦ Single Pigment Dispersions (SPD's) ♦ Multi-Functional Products

BTec™ Performance and Processing Additives enhance the performance, improve efficiency, reduce manufacturing downtime and create cost savings. Our additive products are available in a variety of forms- pellet, liquid, dust-free powder- and include the following technologies:

Antistatic ♦ Clarifying ♦ De-Nesting ♦ Anti-fog ♦ Anti-Scratch/Mar ♦ Slip/Lubricant ♦ Fragrance ♦ Laser Marking

                      Deluster/Matting ♦ UV Stabilizers ♦ Antioxidants ♦ Processing Aids ♦ Antimicrobial

BritePurge™ are High Performing Purging Compounds designed to reduce the costs associated with purging plastic processing equipment. Created and supported by the experts that developed some of the industries leading products and technologies in purging compounds, Britec Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive solutions to ensure the right product– for the right process– to achieve the best result.

The Future of Purging is BritePurge™

What does Britec Solutions Inc. do for our customers?

Our primary goal is to make certain that our customers are performing at their highest level when it comes to Colorants and Additives for Plastics. Introducing our customer to Resources, Products and Technologies that elevate their business. Raw materials such as Colorants, Additives, Resins and Compounds play a critical role in the cost and efficiency in the Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion and the Rotational Molding processes- Britec Solutions Inc. bridges the Resource Gap with competitive pricing, outstanding service and innovative products.

Who is Britec Solutions?

Britec Solutions Inc. is a pioneer in the Plastics Industry with decades of experience in Liquid Color, Color and Additive Compounding, Purging Compounds and Specialty Compounds. As a consulting firm- developing carrier and Liquid Color Systems for some of the leaders in the industry. As a manufacturer- Britec has a proven history and passion for thermoplastic colorants and additives.

Britec Solutions Inc.