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Britec Solutions featured in Plastics News article May 19, 2020- "Tyler, Texas-based Britec Solutions Inc. introduces a new liquid carrier system for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion applications. The technology, called Qd2- Liquid Carrier System, improves particle distribution in the polymer, which eliminates hard settling of pigments and processing concerns, such as screw slippage. . ."

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Britec Solutions featured in Plastics Technology Magazine April 2020 edition- Be proactive in your purging program

True, it can be tough to take a machine out of production, but a purging maintenance program should be thought of as a direct line to cost savings.

Plastics processors realize that purging is a necessary evil and that every moment of downtime translates into lost profits. This raises the obvious question of “how to be proactive” in eliminating black specks, carbon buildup and degraded resin, and minimizing the need to stop production. Understandably, it is difficult to convince any processor to break into a production run to perform a purge cycle. However, controlling the issues is the ultimate goal and requires a program that is proactive rather than defensive.     Read the full article. . . . .

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Qd²- Liquid Carrier System

May 11, 2020- Britec Solutions Inc. of Tyler, Texas introduces new Liquid Vehicle Technology that provides multiple attributes in Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion applications. The Qd²- Liquid Carrier System was developed to provide improved particle distribution in the polymer that support higher pigment loadings- reducing use rates; deliver superior suspension properties to eliminate hard settling of pigments; remove processing concerns such as screw slippage; and promote cost savings.

Testing and case studies have established that when used in Polypropylene the Qd²- Liquid Carrier System creates nucleation, resulting in cycle time reduction. While conducting production profiles a Customer in Texas, molding polypropylene closures yielded a 5%- cycle time reduction and 12% overall cost savings contributed to a reduction in the use rate.

Britec Solutions Inc. has been a pioneer in liquid color for over 30 years, developing carrier systems, manufacturing and consulting for some of the leading producers in the industry. With manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Texas, Britec is dedicated to delivering new and innovative technologies to the arena of color and additives for thermoplastics.

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Expansion and Completion of Processing Cells in Texas

Tyler, Texas (December 10, 2019)- Britec Solutions, a pioneer in the development of game-changing technologies in liquid color, purging compounds and additive systems for thermoplastics announced today, its expansion of manufacturing into a new facility located in Tyler, Texas. The recent completion includes three Processing Cells that are specifically designed to provide unprecedented speed-to-market of custom color and additives.

“With increasing demand for shorter lead times on custom color and additives, we’ve executed processing cells to convert raw materials into Liquid or Pellet products- minimizing clean-up, production time and conversion costs,” said Brian Cochran, Britec Solutions Inc. President. “The processing cells utilize Single-Pigment-Dispersions (SPD’s), proprietary Milling and Compounding equipment to manufacture our products.”

The company produces Britec Liquid Systems™- liquid color and additives; BritePurge™ High Performance Purging Compounds; BTEC™ PET Performance and Processing enhancers; BTEC™ Polymer Additives that include foaming agents, antistatic, anti-scratch/mar, processing aids, fragrance, antimicrobial, antioxidants and UV stabilizers. The Texas facility will manufacture quality products with exceptional speed-to market, superior technical and customer support, and the resources of more than 35 years of industry experience.

“The processing cells and additional facility resources give Britec over 4 million pounds of capacity,” adds Cochran. “In addition to exceeding the speed-to-market requirements of our customers, these technologies provide additional product benefits such as increased pigment loadings and improved dispersion attributes.”

Britec Solutions Inc. was established in 2010 as a consulting and technology development organization servicing some of the plastics industries leading products. More recently Britec progressed into manufacturing and provides unparalleled speed-to-market, excellent technical support, and the latest color and additive technologies.

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March 18, 2020- Britec Solutions Inc opens online store to provide customers with convenient and secure ordering. The BSI online store will offer BritePurge™ High Performance Purging Compounds, BTec Performance and Process Additives, and Britec Liquid Systems- Single Pigment Dispersions (SPD's).

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