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Britec Solutions Inc. provides consulting services to a diverse range of clients in many different industries:

Thermoplastics Color and Compounding ♦ Paint and Coatings ♦ Ink and Dispersion ♦ Food and Beverage ♦ Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical

Britec Solutions Inc. was founded in 2005 by Brian Cochran, with over 30 years of experience in the Plastics Industry as an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Sales Executive and Laboratory Professional, Brian is a Technical Designer/Developer specializing in milling equipment for pigment particle size reduction and distribution. A Plastics Engineer with hands-on experience in technical formulation of pigment carrier systems and plastic additives and color technology. Brian is the Team Leader of Britec Solutions Inc. and has developed many resources in his career that support the Britec structure.

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Consulting Services

Britec Solutions Inc. has been bringing our clients ground breaking innovations since 2005- from developing revolutionary manufacturing processes to creating next generation products. We offer product design and development, manufacturing process development and technology consulting services across a broad range of sectors including Thermoplastic Color and Compounds, Paint and Coatings, Ink and Dispersion, Food and Beverage, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical.

Britec Solutions Inc. provides comprehensive solutions to our customers in every assignment.  

                                                    Need to Improve Profitability?

                                                         Looking to Develop a New Product?

                                                                                      Pursuing Increased Sales or Production Efficiencies?

Our expertise, experiences and vast resources make Britec Solutions Inc. the obvious Solution.

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