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Liquid Colorants and Additives

Britec Liquid Systems™- Liquid Colorants, Dispersions and Additives

Britec Liquid Systems™ are advanced liquid colorant and additive systems for the plastics industry utilizing proprietary carriers and manufacturing processes. Formulated for use in many major thermoplastic resins, Britec Liquid Systems™ deliver many benefits to the injection molding, extrusion and blow molding processes.

Benefits of Using Britec Liquid Systems                

  • Precise and Efficient Metering
  • Highly Pigmented Formulations Reduce Usage Rates
  • Reduce Inventory Space
  • Quick and Easy Color Changes
  • Lower Color Costs
  • Improved Processing/Reduced Cycle Times

Britec Liquid Systems™ Products and Features: 

  •  Custom Color Matching that Support our Speed-to-Market Philosophy
  •  Special Effect Colors designed to Promote and Impact Shelf Appeal for Any Product
  •  Multi-Functional Products that are Formulated Combining Additives and Color 
  •  Single Pigment Dispersions (SPD's) Produced to Maximize Pigment Loadings and Dispersion Quality
  •  PET Toners for Aesthetic and Processing Benefits of Recycling, Manufacturing and Processing PET

Britec Solutions Inc. specializes in providing Technical Direction, Product Development and Technical Sales throughout the United States. Delivering a superior Liquid Color System along with unrivaled Technical Support . Britec Liquid Systems™ consist of pre-dispersed and milled pigment solutions in proprietary carriers that deliver many attributes to both the color and process. Our advanced carrier technology coupled with Britec Liquid Systems™ proprietary processes yield a superior liquid colorant with excellent dispersion and suspension properties. 

Custom Color Matching  ♦  Single Pigment Dispersions  ♦  PET Toners  ♦  Multi-Functional Prodcuts

Color Concentrates

Color Concentrates designed for specific applications and requirements that include:
Custom Color Matching ♦ High Pigment Loadings ♦ Batch-to-Batch Consistency

 Products designed to deliver the perfect blend of color technology, most cost effective loadings, dispersion, cycle time reduction and consistency—all designed to reduce color costs. 

White Color Concentrates 
100/lbs. to Multiple Truckloads
50%, 60% and 70% Ti02 Concentrations
Polyethylene White Color Concentrates
EVA White Color Concentrates
PS White Color Concentrates
Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Blown Film, Sheet and Profile Extrusion Grades

Black Color Concentrates
100/lbs. to Multiple Truckloads 
     HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Black Color Concentrates 35%-50% Loaded 
PP Black Color Concentrates
EVA Black Color Concentrates
PS Black Color Concentrates
FDA Black Concentrates
PVC Black Concentrates
Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Blown Film, Sheet and Profile Extrusion Grades

                                  Additives for Thermoplastics                                                             

  • Anti-Scratch-                Reduces Scuffing and Scratches; Improved Cycle Times                                           
  • Anti-Fog-                      Reduces Surface Tension; Reduces Water on the Surface
  • Foaming Agents-           Density Reduction; Cycle Time Reduction;
  • Nucleating Agents-        Improves Physical Properties of Semi-crystalline Polymer; Improved Cycle Times
  • UV Light Stabilizers-      HALS, Antioxidants and Synergistic Packages
  • Antistatic-                    Prevents Build-up of Static Electric Charges on Plastic Parts
  • Flame Retardants-        Smoke Suppressant and Flame Retardants for Polyolefins, PVC and Polyamides
  • Slip Agents-                 Internal and External Friction Reduction; Improved Cycle Times;Improved Dispersion
                                       Assists in Mold Release, Torque Release for Caps and Closures
  • Antimicrobials-             Controls Microbial Growth, Discoloration, Staining and Product Deterioration
  • Processing Aids-           Flow Enhancing; Heat Stabilization, Improved Dispersion

Available in Liquid and Pellet Form

Thermoplastic Resins

Polypropylene     Polyethylene     ABS     HIPS/GPS     Nylons     PET/PETG    Polycarbonate 

Filled and Reinforced Compounds    Alloys    Specialty Compounds

Virgin, Prime and Recycled Thermoplastic Pellets for Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion.   

This includes prime branded materials from major manufacturers, as well as generic equivalents.  

We are committed to providing our customers competitively priced prime branded materials, high quality equivalents, 

and excellent customer service. Britec Solutions Inc. can provide the thermoplastic resin to meet your needs. 

Britec is an active selling agent for resin distributors across the nation. Count on our resources and purchasing power to exceed you demands and present competitive alternatives for you resin requirements.


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